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Best Buddies Florida Middle Schools

Best Buddies Middle Schools pairs students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in one-to-one friendships with middle school students without intellectual and developmental disabilities. In today’s middle schools, students with intellectual and developmental disabilities often enter the same building and walk the same hallways as their peers, but they are left out of social activities.

In addition to the benefit of developing new friendships, Best Buddies Middle School programs also give students unique opportunities for leadership. With the support of school faculty and Best Buddies staff, students lead and direct the chapters in their schools.

For more information about Best Buddies Middle Schools, contact Best Buddies Florida.


Falcon Cove Middle School
Westglades Middle School

Central Florida

Grey Middle School
Kissimmee Middle School
Neptune Middle School
Tavares Middles School
Windy Hill Middle School


Indian Trails Middle School
Julia Landon Middle School
Kernan Middle School
Lake Shore Middle School
Landrum Middle School
Mandarin Middle School
Westview K-8

Host Sites:
Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center


Arvida Middle School
Bob Graham K-8 Education Center
Brownsville Middle School
Citrus Grove Middle School
Campbell Drive Middle School
Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center
Hialeah Middle School
Jose de Diego Middle School
Miami Edison Middle School
Palm Spring Middle School
Paul W. Bell Middle School
Redland Middle School
Riviera Middle School
Rockway Middle School
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Day Academy
Jupiter Middle School

Host Sites:
Renaissance Learning Academy

Tampa Bay

Bartels Middle School
Burns Middle School
Coleman Middle School
Corpus Christi Catholic Middle School
Espiritu Santo Middle School
Randall Middle School
St. John Vianney Catholic School
Turner-Bartels Middle School

Host Sites:
Caminiti Exceptional Center
Paul B. Stephen Exceptional Center
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